Leder Panzer is an intense multiplayer tank game with a quirky but powerful arsenal. Drive the tank, do airborne stunts, give artillery support, fly with a jetpack, flak down airborne targets, conquer flags, drive rally around a crater – Leder Panzer is a refreshing amalgam of old and new, combining old school artillery games and modern third person online tank games in the form of evolving matches with countless tactics and counter-tactics.

Current game modes: conquest and death match

Some features:

  • Play online with tanks that have heads in place of turrets.
  • Massive arsenal of weapons – nukes with blast waves and radiation burns
  • Various levels with different game modes
  • Team play – play with friends or strangers
  • Playable classes: artillery, assault tank, hovercraft, heavy tank, sniper
  • VoIP – your tank can talk
  • Adjustable muzzle velocity for ballistic weapons
  • Jetpack, balloon – and anti-air weapons
  • Five tank classes with different skills and special abilities
  • Maps available so far: Resort, Jormandy and Mega Crater
  • Napalm, Mirv, Nuke Mirv, Laser, Flamethrower, Machine gun, Shotgun, Frag grenade, Artillery shell, Tank shell, Turret, Mortar trap, Rail gun, Inertia Nullifier … to mention a few.
  • Destructible landscape in some maps ( explosions make craters )